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Updated: Everything You Need to Know about Scientific Voice Assistants

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Looking for tools to help with guided process execution or hands-free data collection? Wondering how to get started with virtual assistants built for the lab? Or, already in the weeds and need some inspiration for new use cases? Reference this blog post to stay up-to-date on all of the latest product tips & tricks, case studies, and tutorials for LabVoice.

Getting Started

The Role of Voice in Lab Digitalization

How Scientific Virtual Assistants Differ from Alexa

How LabVoice Leverages Artificial Intelligence for its Virtual Assistants

Three Simple Ways Lab Operations Can Use Virtual Assistants

3 Ways Virtual Assistants Help Address Data Integrity Gaps

How to Make an SOP Easier to Execute

3 Ways Laboratory Voice Assistants Improve Safety in the COVID-19 Era]

Virtual Assistants for Lab Automation

(Video) Solution Prep Guided by Virtual Assistants

(Video) Hands-free Animal Data Collection with Virtual Assistants

(Video) Ordering Lab Supplies through Scientific Virtual Assistants

LabVoice Frequently Asked Questions


ELN: Dotmatics Collaborates with LabVoice to Enable Voice-Assisted Laboratory Workflows

ELN: IDBS and LabVoice Announce Integration to Accelerate R&D

ELN: LabVoice & SciNote Announce Strategic Partnership

Lab Automation: HighRes Biosolutions & LabVoice Announce Integration to Voice-Enable Automation Systems

Lab Automation: Cellario Integration Demo

Internet-of-Things: LabVoice & Elemental Machines Announce Strategic Partnership

Case Studies

Case Study: ELN Material Weighing

Case Study: Sample Sorting & Training

Case Study: Inventory Search


Solution Prep

Weighing in the ELN (Dotmatics)

Unstructured ELN Data Entry (Dotmatics)

ELN Sample Characterization (IDBS)

Animal Science: Injection Record Logs

Animal Science: Hands-Free Measurements & Barcode Scanning

Animal Science: Animal Dosing Protocol (IDBS)

Inventory Search (Accessibility Workflows)

Sample Location Lookup with Barcode Scanner

Sample Order Confirmation

Sample Accessioning

Guided SOP: Cell Transduction

Additional Resources

Pistoia Alliance Lab of the Future Post-COVID-19: Bringing User Experience to the Forefront

BioPhorum's QC Lab of the Future Manifesto

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