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LabVoice Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Have a question about scientific voice assistants? Odds are we've answered it before. Here's a shortlist of some of the most common questions we've received.

How does the authentication capability work when integrating with other apps?

LabVoice prefers OAuth2 to integrate with third-party applications. We also support basic auth, service accounts, or API keys.

Do you have to use a tablet ?

No. The LabVoice mobile app can be accessed on any iOS or Android mobile device, including phones and tablets. For an audio-only experience, users can connect a Jabra speaker to the LabVoice Hub, a networking device used to connect LabVoice to on-prem instruments & software.

Are there recordings of what was said?

Yes. They can be sent as needed.

Can you get recordings or an audit history? How?

LabVoice has built-in audit logs for every labflow. Should users request an audit history, a report can be emailed at the conclusion of the labflow.

How does LabVoice handle a noisy environment?

LabVoice uses technology to filter out background noise commonly found in the lab. For noisier environments, we recommend using Bluetooth headsets or earphones.

Does LabVoice only work with English?

No. LabVoice is currently in use with native French, German, Spanish, and Italian speakers.

How does LabVoice handle accents?

LabVoice supports a number of dialects in each language. For example, with English alone, we have options for Americans, British, Canadian, and Indian English speakers. We recently published a comprehensive blog on this topic, which you can view here:

Is it easy to change LabVoice processes?

Yes. Right now, most changes are done during weekly meetings with LabVoice or through email, if the situation calls for it. Most changes are turned around in less than a few hours.

Do you integrate with any instruments?

We integrate with a number of instruments, and advocate for integration whenever possible. Pulling data and information directly from the instrument reduces human error and saves time. However, integrations are largely dependent on the capabilities of the instrument provider.

Is there anything I need to install on-prem to use LabVoice?

No. LabVoice a cloud-based service. Just install LabVoice mobile app on the selected device from the Apple or Google Store.

Can LabVoice integrate with (scientific) software?

Yes, and similar to instruments, the limitations of the integration with LabVoice and the target software are limited by the capabilities of the integration target. If you have any ideas for integrations you'd like to see, let us know at



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