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LabVoice & Elemental Machines Announce Strategic Partnership

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with sensor-based platform provider Elemental Machines!

Through the LabVoice-Elemental Machines integration, scientists and lab managers will now be able to access a connected platform through voice & virtual assistants. The integration will further process optimization, leveraging Elemental Machines’ easy-to-install IoT devices to help streamline workflows through LabVoice’s scientific virtual assistants. Further, users will be able to use their voice to request the status of instruments, capture instrument measurements, and adjust experiments in real-time, improving data and sample integrity.

“With LabVoice, our mission has been to enable a hands-free laboratory environment, allowing users to focus on their science and their experiments. We believe that our integration with the Elemental Machines platform will improve ease-of-access, allowing scientists and lab managers to be more efficient in the lab and capture higher quality data," says Fred Bost, CEO & Co-Founder at LabVoice.

Sridhar Iyengar, CEO and Founder at Elemental Machines, highlights that “as scientific reproducibility continues to plague the life science industry, leading organizations must leverage advanced technologies to succeed. Data quality and integrity can be greatly improved by combining the power of Voice and IoT sensors to automate and annotate data in ways never before possible."

LabVoice and Elemental Machines provide modern, user-centric software solutions designed to make the lab a safer, more compliant, and more efficient place of work. LabVoice’s platform offers the first tailored scientific voice assistant with integration to existing systems, such as an Elemental Machines lab monitoring setup, to enhance user experience with those systems.

Elemental Machines’ sensor-based platform can be used to gather and assess critical equipment and environmental parameters that can and do affect critical processes, often making them irreproducible. Elemental Machines offers many solutions, focused on enterprise asset management, quality & compliance, process optimization, and real-time monitoring of critical infrastructure.

If you’d like to learn more about this integration, please contact LabVoice at or Elemental Machines at



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