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Smart Solutions, Seamless Science: Elevate Your Lab with Voice-Powered Efficiency

LabVoice can be used in any type of scientific laboratory to augment a scientist's experience as well as increase efficiency and productivity. Here are some examples of how customers are finding value with LabVoice.

Agriculture & Environmental

Create processes that enable researchers to work without paper notebooks in and outside the laboratory.

Hands-Free Data Capture

End users can use voice to input data about crops, livestock, fish, weather conditions, and equipment usage, eliminating the need for manual data entry and enabling real-time updates.

Monitor Crop/Animal Health

Take and record photos, report health issues, automate notifications to follow up on issues

Inventory Management

Voice commands can be used to check inventory levels of seeds, grains, fertilizers, pesticides, and equipment, as well as set notifications for reorder.

Standardize Processes

Create process flows that are standardized across all locations and languages for the most reproducible outcomes

Agriculture & Environmental
Animal Studies

Animal Studies

Improve data quality and reduce contamination for in vivo experiments & operations.

Capture Data by Voice

Perform cage and census checks efficiently by recording data as you walk through the facility without the need for a scribe to write notes and observations.

Work Without Interruptions 

Integrate with your study management systems and tools, such as a-tune tick@lab, Benchling in vivo, Cayuse, RapID tags, Rockstep Climb, Softmouse

Live Data Updates

Visualize data with an interactive digital lab assistant, able to highlight and display animal IDs, numbers, dates, treatment regimens, and much more.

Enhanced Audit Trails

Create custom audit trails to timestamp data and lab activities as they happen in real time. Use your enhanced data to build laboratory insights for more efficient lab operations.

Cell & Gene Therapeutics

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Orange dna
Work Aseptically

Capture data from the culture room by voice, without the need to change gloves. From set-up checklists to experimental observations, LabVoice can capture and timestamp each step

Calculations On The Fly

Perform calculations at the bench with built-in LabFlow steps to eliminate the need for manual pen-and-paper scratchwork

Operate Smoothly

Visualize data with an interactive digital lab assistant, able to highlight and display animal IDs, numbers, dates, treatment regimens, and much more.

Built-in Efficiency

Customize voice enabled timers and notifications into your LabFlow so you can perform research without worrying you’ll miss a step

Cell & Gene Therapeutics

Lab Supply & Consumable Management

Enhance UX and integrates seamlessly with your inventory tools.

Streamlined Ordering

LabVoice simplifies and accelerates the ordering process for scientists, reducing the chance of duplicate orders

Powerful Visualization

Build metrics for efficient visualization and analysis of expenditure with tools like Power BI

Clear Communication

Generate custom recap emails for precise order confirmations, enhancing communication

Enhanced User Experience

Improves overall user experience by simplifying supply chain management

Lab Supply & Consumable Management

Sample & Compound Management

Manage all types of inventory through an intuitive digital assistant.

Digital Transformation

Paper-free sample management that integrates with existing barcode scanners and turns your mobile device into a barcode scanner

Enhance Your Existing Ecosystem

Connect to inventory software, like Benchling or Dotmatics

Orchestrate Steps

Streamline various tasks, like manual picking, registration, and audits

Communicate Efficiency

Create time- or event-based notifications to share with colleagues

Sample & Compound Management

Quality & GXP

Improve data quality & minimize deviations for GxP environments.

Next Generation Digital

Create a digital, time-stamped audit trail of paper-based protocols & SOPs

Speak, Connect, and Integrate

Real-time data capture into your LIMS, reducing documentation time

Find Data Easily

Streamline various tasks, like manual picking, registration, and audits

Built-in Help

Interactive training & assistance during process execution

Quality & GXP
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