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LabVoice seamlessly integrates with your existing lab infrastructure (instrument, software, databases) to enhance bench-level data capture, SOP & method compliance, and safety protocols. We employ voice assistants to fill critical gaps in lab processes & operations by leveraging an end-to-end cloud-based platform. Read on to see how LabVoice can set up in any type of laboratory or facility.

LabVoice Smart Device

This device acts like a smart speaker and is great with data entry for activities at fixed locations, such as a hood, glove box, or sample preparation areas. 

Additionally, connect to your lab software and equipment, for capturing data and controlling instruments.

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LabVoice Mobile

For scientists on the go, there's the LabVoice mobile app. It provides visual feedback for data integrity assurance. Use with headphones for a more personalized experience.

On top of all the features of the LabVoice smart device, additional capabilities include

  • Take pictures

  • Record videos

  • Scan barcodes

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