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LabVoice & SciNote Announce Strategic Partnership

LabVoice and SciNote announce a new partnership to explore the integration of their products that would provide scientists the ability for contemporaneous data capture at the bench via voice. The proposed integration streamlines data collection into SciNote through LabVoice’s scientific voice assistant, saving scientists’ time to record information and improving overall data integrity. Additionally, the two companies will investigate the ability to recall important experimental and inventory information from SciNote through LabVoice as the scientist is away from their laptop.

The collaboration between the two companies addresses the potential of voice-enabled technologies in a quiet lab environment, to record the notes and comments and keep everything organized within SciNote, a reliable electronic lab notebook.

“Our vision at LabVoice is to provide scientists with the ability to record their observations and recall data no matter what type of situation they’re in,” says Fred Bost, CEO & Co-Founder of LabVoice. “By integrating two top-of-the-line products such as LabVoice and SciNote, we can make that vision a reality. Further, we can help increase safety protocol by making their ELN available to them with a simple voice request.”

”SciNote is a platform that empowers the scientists, we encourage you to express your opinion and reach out to both our teams, describe your use cases, and have your say,” says Matjaz Hren, Ph.D., VP of Product Management. “We prioritize the needs and opinions from labs in industry and academia – you are the ones using the technology on a daily basis and are the ones who will eventually benefit from it.”

LabVoice and SciNote provide best-in-class software solutions that are designed to make labs more efficient and safer. SciNote’s electronic lab notebook platform paired with the LabVoice assistant aims to increase productivity, ensure greater compliance between experimental design and execution, and improve adherence to safety protocols. The pairing intends for the various instruments’ data and metadata captured by the LabVoice platform to be available in SciNote to the user as and ensure traceability of information.

SciNote is a top-rated Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for labs in industry and academia. It covers inventory, team, and project management in GxP, CFR21 part 11, R&D, and even academic teaching environments. Successful onboarding of all users in the lab, data protection, and your IP ownership is our main priority.

We will be collecting substantial feedback from laboratories across the world to define the need and the scope of this integration.

Have your say: Share your use case with us and help form the integration functionalities. Send an email to or and share your reasons.



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