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Virtual Assistants for Lab Automation

Wondering how your automation labs will benefit from scientific voice assistants? We've compiled some of the ways that LabVoice customers have overcome headaches & challenges with their systems.

Teaching Arm Positions

The Challenge: Operators must walk back and forth between computer and arm, or have a colleague become a "human robot", typing commands as they're relayed to them.

The Solution: Operators can use an integrated assistant to "Lock" and "Unlock" the robotic arm.

Ergonomics & Set-Up

The Challenge: Scientists must return to the system's PC to access needed information.

The Solution: With a virtual assistant, scientists can request any information from the system's data from wherever they are in the room - or outside of it!

Plates & Samples

The Challenge: Recalling plate positions or sample information can be challenging, especially when your hands are full.

The Solution: The user can request this information through voice, allowing them to keep their hands full and continue working.

System Status

The Challenge: Systems often cannot provide real-time notifications for errors or status updates when the user is remote.

The Solution: LabVoice can provide real-time system updates and error notifications while the user is remote.

Process Execution

The Challenge: Relearning a non-routine process can be difficult or time-consuming.

The Solution: LabVoice provides real-time instructions and can handle deviations or samples.

Interested in learning more about these use cases, or have some ideas of your own? Contact us at And always be sure to give us a follow on LinkedIn!

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