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LabVoice at AALAS and Our New RockStep Climb Integration

Last week, LabVoice was at the AALAS National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a whirlwind four days of meeting new people and sharing ideas on how LabVoice can help researchers and husbandry staff in animal science.

At the beginning of the conference, we presented at the Technical Trade Presentation, showing two real-world use cases of LabVoice being used in the vivarium. We also demoed our new integration with RockStep Solutions’ Climb software.

In the Climb demo, we showed four different kinds of workflows that could be done, though many more are possible. In all cases, LabVoice provided easy access to data stored in Climb, even if the researcher was in the vivarium and not close to a computer.

In the first demo, the researcher used LabVoice to ask what tasks were due today and what tasks were due this week. This allows the researcher to plan their week easily and allows managers to allocate resources if needed.

The second and third demos were similar but represented workflows from different perspectives. In one, the researcher could look up an animal by its name or ID. This then showed information about the animal, such as its location, status, and line.

The third demo showed how a researcher could scan a cage barcode and see what animals are in that cage. The researcher then can ask for information about those animals, returning similar information as the previous demo.

For the final demo, a LabVoice user performs a full birth check workflow using the Climb integration. LabVoice asks the researcher some questions about the animals, such as the litter size and the number of males and females (fully customizable). Then after making any comments about the litter, such as any health conditions observed, the birth was automatically recorded in Climb.

Interested in seeing LabVoice integrate with your instance of Climb or in vivo software? Reach out to us at

If you’d like to learn more about RockStep and Climb 2.0, you can visit them at



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