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LabVoice & eMolecules Integration: Streamlining the Procurement Process

We are thrilled to announce the integration of eMolecules into the LabVoice application, two powerful platforms in the drug discovery community.

eMolecules is a renowned platform that provides access to the world's largest collection of commercially available chemical compounds. With its vast database, eMolecules empowers researchers and organizations to identify and source the best compounds for their projects and experiments.

The integration of LabVoice and eMolecules will bring a new level of efficiency to the eMolecules experience. Discovery chemistry researchers will now be able to access the diverse eMolecules catalog of specialty chemical compounds via the LabVoice digital assistant - no matter where they are. See it in action:

That means when a scientist is gloved and gowned in a storage room and only then seeing a dwindling stock of a specific compound, they can order that compound then and there. The same will apply when working in a fume hood, BSL-2 lab, or any location where scientists had to previously rely upon sticky notes, pen & paper, gloves, or their memory to order supplies.

With real-time inventory data, it is easier to ensure ordered compounds are available when needed, reducing delays in projects and wasted resources.

Also, this integration can include the ability to leverage eMolecules’ tiering system. To help you efficiently find what you need, when you need it, the eMolecules catalog organizes millions of compounds into Tiers. Tiers describe how quickly compounds can be delivered or shipped to your site based on accurate, real-time availability data so you can select the best option to meet your experimental timelines. Here’s an example in the below GIF:

Save time, increase productivity, and reduce ordering errors by ordering eMolecules compounds with the LabVoice digital assistant.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to LabVoice ( today!


LabVoice is an AI-powered platform designed for laboratory process optimization. The platform aims to help scientists and researchers save time, reduce the risk of errors, and increase productivity by providing a laboratory digital assistant.

eMolecules empowers researchers to explore uncharted chemical and biological spaces to deliver more efficient drug-discovery programs. eMolecules was founded in 2005 with a vision to reduce drug discovery timelines through improved efficiencies in the compound search and acquisition process. This led to the creation of the industry’s most powerful, reliable and accurate digital chemical search engine directly connecting chemists to the world’s largest and most diverse readily available chemical space.



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