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Hands-Free Animal Measurements with RapID Tags & LabVoice

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

We are excited to announce our brand new collaboration with RapID Lab! In the video below, we demonstrate how LabVoice can be paired with RapID Lab’s innovative way of identifying lab animals, helping scientists collect animal measurements hands-free.

New collaborations are always exciting, but this connection is particularly exciting for those trying to further automate their animal research operations.

RapID Lab, known for their novel mouse ear tags, and LabVoice have teamed up to help data get into study management tools faster.

RapID Tags have a laser engraved 2D-barcode on biologically-inert plastic and are both MRI and autoclave friendly. With these ear tags, users also benefit from multiple colors which allow for rapid visual identification of the subject, without needing to scan or disturb caged animals.

During procedures, investigators can scan the ear tags and then update the appropriate application, create reports, or document changes through the LabVoice mobile app.

Receiving guided process execution from the LabVoice scientific virtual assistants ensures that any necessary fields or data points won’t be glossed over accidentally.

Take a look below, and see this exciting collaboration in action:

If you'd like to learn more about RapID Lab, visit them at



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