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Your laboratory now has a voice 

LabVoice brings you the first voice assistant designed specifically for everyday laboratory needs



Your Software

LabVoice can communicate with any laboratory software to access the information you need while away from your keyboard.

Need to know the status of your sample? Need to update the quantity of your inventory? Just ask LabVoice to help.


Optimize Your Entire Laboratory Experience

LabVoice connects the scientist to the lab. Make a request, LabVoice securely executes your task, then responds to you.


Work Hands-Free

LabVoice listens and records the details so you can keep your hands free to focus on the science. 


From simple notes to structured procedures, LabVoice will help you record, access, and track the data you need.

Hands-Free Scientist

get the status of balance 1. 

Hey LabVoice...

Improve your efficiency, compliance,

and safety with LabVoice

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