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Laboratory Process Optimization: Using Connectivity to Create a User-centric Lab Experience

Along with a Laboratory Digital Assistant, our friends at Innovation Center for Laboratory Automation Stuttgart (nICLAS), part of Fraunhofer IPA, have created an innovative take on data exchange in the lab.

Introducing Ley-con, a novel platform developed by the nICLAS team to easily make connections between existing software solutions in the lab.

To define it more precisely, Ley-con is a user-centric individual ecosystem for more connectivity in life science laboratories. Ley-con manages the data of different laboratory software from various manufacturers centrally in one place.

Similar to other low-code applications, Ley-con eliminates the need for complex integrations and interface developments as applications can be connected via plug & play.

nICLAS summarizes Ley-con in one powerful sentence: “The life science platform for data exchange in today's laboratory.”

This video is a brief introduction to Ley-con as a scientist interacts with three key elements: a biomass sensor (provided by Exner Process Equipment), AR visualization (PTC), and the LabVoice Digital Assistant.

For more on the role of LabVoice in lab optimization, check out some of these blog posts:

And, if you're interested in learning more about the nICLAS team and their work with Ley-con, visit the nICLAS website, or contact Michael Langner, nICLAS's Project Manager at

If you’re interested in creating your own digitally-assisted lab environment, reach out to us at for a free assessment!



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