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February '22 Review, March '22 Preview

If you're not signed up for our newsletter, here's a quick recap of what you're missing out on!

LabVoice allows researchers to capture observations and create reports in real-time, rather than at their desks.

5-HT's X-Linker for Lab of the Future

LabVoice was one of twelve startups selected to participate in the event, which happened on Feb 11. There will be follow up material, so make sure to sign up for 5-HT's newsletter.

Adding another integration to our list, this time with TECAN and their liquid-handling workstation FluentControl

March Preview

  • As a follow up from SLAS, we'll soon have a virtual booth on Innovation AveNEW - more to come!

  • We'll be attending the Lab of the Future Congress in Boston on Mar 22 & 23

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