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Save Time and Effort with Next-Gen Digital Cage Checks & Vivarium Operations with LabVoice Digital Lab Assistants and Climb

Updated: 2 days ago

In the fast-paced world of vivarium operations, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Each day, vivarium personnel diligently perform cage checks, noting any issues or updates related to the animals under their care. Traditionally, this process involved manual documentation, whether through pen-and-paper or digital entry, posing challenges such as potential human error, missing fields, and interruption of workflow.

Enter LabVoice and Climb™ from RockStep Solutions, two innovative solutions revolutionizing the way vivarium operations are conducted. In a recent iteration of an on-going collaboration, LabVoice's hands-free digital assistant seamlessly integrates with Climb, offering vivarium personnel a streamlined, error-free, and efficient cage check workflow.

Part 1: Design Custom Processes with LabVoice

The process begins with LabVoice's Designer, where subject matter experts can design and build customized LabFlows tailored to their specific needs. LabVoice has an example library of LabFlows that are common, such as animal weighing and dosing, housing checks, and necropsy reports. LabVoice’s Designer is able to link directly to Climb to recall results or write data, creating a seamless flow of information between the two platforms.

Part 2: Faster Data Collection and Better Data Quality with LabVoice 

Once the LabFlow is designed, vivarium personnel can easily execute the process using LabVoice's digital assistant, accessible on iOS and Android devices. This integration allows users to capture data at the point of creation (i.e. lab bench, BSC, isolator), eliminating the need for manual documentation.

LabVoice goes beyond simple text input, offering the ability to capture photos, videos, barcodes, and even providing image recognition capabilities. Importantly, LabVoice can read lists of possible values from Climb, ensuring data accuracy and standardization.

The key advantage of LabVoice is its ability to provide a simplified and consistent method of reporting clinical observations. Vivarium personnel can now focus on their tasks without worrying about documentation, leading to a 50% increase in efficiency and productivity.

Part 3: Save Time on Results Entry with Climb

All collected data is seamlessly saved in Climb, saving up to 100% of the time previously spent entering results manually and eliminating the need for additional documentation efforts. This ensures that every observation and update is accurately recorded and easily accessible within the Climb interface.


The collaboration between LabVoice and Climb represents a significant step forward in orchestrating vivarium operations. By leveraging hands-free data collection and seamless integration, vivarium personnel can work more efficiently while minimizing the risk of errors and contamination.

With LabVoice and Climb, vivariums can elevate their operations to new heights, ensuring the well-being of research animals while streamlining workflow processes.

Learn more about RockStep Solutions’ Climb by visiting their website:

If you’d like to learn what LabVoice can do for digitally transforming your vivarium, reach out to us at, and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest and greatest from the world’s leading digital lab assistant! 



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