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Sample Picking (Video)

Picking samples to fulfill a request is streamlined with a voice-guided workflow by LabVoice’s AI-powered digital assistant.

The above video illustrates how LabVoice’s Digital Assistant aids sample managers to find and retrieve a specific set of samples.

It’s a problem sample management teams are all too familiar with: someone orders/requests a few dozen samples that are stored in various freezers, refrigerators, under counters, and dewars around your lab - and sometimes, labs.

In its ongoing mission to make the lab a more efficient place, the LabVoice Digital Assistant optimizes the process of manual sample picking.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The scientist creates a picklist in their LIMS, ELN, or inventory software

  2. The scientist makes this picklist available to LabVoice, either by uploading the picklist to a shared folder or through direct integration with the lab software

  3. The scientist starts using the Sample Picking LabFlow via the LabVoice app

As you’ll see in the video, LabVoice then guides the scientist to each location, box, and sample.

The LabFlow can be configured to include a QC step at each sample, to ensure that the scientist has collected both the right samples and all of the samples that were requested.

And that’s it! With the LabVoice Digital Assistant, there is no more paper manifest; no more laptops; no more scrolling through files on a mobile screen.

For more information on using LabVoice for Sample Management, check out previous blogs at the end of the post.

If you’re interested in seeing this process tailored to your own sample picking processes, reach out to us at for a free prototype!



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