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LabVoice x Benchling In Vivo: Optimizing Data Collection

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The latest feature from the Benchling-LabVoice collaboration highlights the ability of LabVoice to make data sets Benchling In Vivo-ready for easy upload.

Use Case: Tumor Measurement Data Collection & Automated Formatting

We’re excited to share a demo of our latest use case within the Benchling platform: tumor data collections & uploads.

Our team has detailed in previous posts the value of using digital lab assistants for tumor measurement and observation collections, namely the increased accuracy and reproducibility, in addition to the capabilities like real-time monitoring and analysis to limit human error.

For Benchling users, LabVoice has created configurable templates to help technicians in the midst of data collection, as well as post-process data upload to Benchling In Vivo.

We encourage you to watch the video to learn more, but here are a few highlights:

  • Study, animal, and housing data relayed to the researcher by LabVoice is retrieved in real-time from Benchling. This helps ensure that users select the right study/animal/cage, acting as a quality control measure.

  • Collected data is displayed in LabVoice’s table section, making it easier to confirm the correct data has been captured.

  • With the LabFlow Designer, users can configure the LabFlow as needed, allowing them to capture organization-specific information, generate audit trails & reports supplementing the data output, and incorporate team-specific phrases & vocabulary.

  • Similarly, collected results are formatted in CSV/Excel to match your Benchling In Vivo templates, minimizing the effort (and thus improving the experience) for technicians to capture all required data fields.

Interested in learning more about our platform and how it can help optimize your work with Benchling In Vivo? Request to speak with LabVoice here:



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