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LabVoice to Present at Innovation Digi 2020

We'll be participating in the Digital Innovation Virtual Conference on Thursday, November 5, 2020, to talk about the role of Artificial Intelligence in designing laboratory virtual assistants.

Did you know that 55% of companies without a digital transformation plan believe they have less than a year before their lack of digitalization begins to impact their market share? Or that 56% of CEOs have achieved increased revenues due to digital improvements? We didn't either, but those are the types of insights that will be discussed at the Innovation Digi Conference.

In just a few weeks, Dan DeAlmeida (Director of Product Management) will present at the Innovation Digi event, originally planned for an in-person conference in Indianapolis, but like all events over the past 9 months, has since transitioned to a virtual event.

Dan's talk will focus on the importance of Artificial Intelligence in creating a laboratory virtual assistant. Without spoiling the whole presentation, he'll cover off on the role of Natural Language Understanding to make interactions more human; the ability to adapt to changing responses from users; and how virtual assistants learn over time to create a better user experience.

Previously known as the IndyBigData Conference, the IDC "provides a forum where companies and institutional representatives can share and learn the adoption of Big Data, Robotics Process Automation, and all other AI technologies in their organizations." Speakers include CXO's VP’s, Directors & Managers, Data Architects, Analysts, Stewards, and Software Engineers from organizations like Eli Lilly, Roche, Google, and many many more.

Interested in learning more, or attending yourself? Visit

If you do attend, make sure to sign up for Dan's talk!



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