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LabVoice on Podcasts

Recently, members of the LabVoice team were invited to talk on a couple of podcasts about lab voice assistants, their experiences in the life sciences industry, and a few other topics.

First, Director of Product Management Dan DeAlmeida was a guest of VUX World Live, a video podcast covering everything related to conversational AI and voice. Host Kane Simms and Dan covered a fair amount of ground, including sharing with listeners how to figure out where voice can help improve productivity, how to design voice experiences for narrow, specific use cases, how to approach in-field testing, and how to choose and develop the right technology to bring it to life.

Later on in the day, Matt Hahn, LabVoice's Chairman & Co-Founder, joined the Rock Stars of R&D podcast with host John Conway (20/15 Visioneers). John and Matt discussed Matt's rise in the scientific software industry, what forces inspired him to form previous companies, and how LabVoice came to be.



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