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LabVoice Makes the 2021 Triangle Tweener List

As an RTP-based company, we are always excited at the opportunity to participate in our community, even if that means virtual recognition. LabVoice was 1 of 57 new companies added to the Triangle Tweener list, and we are awfully proud of that recognition.

What's a Triangle Tweener, you ask? Author Scot Wingo, who has curated the list for the past several years, says "Think of Triangle Tweeners as the ‘Goldilocks’ companies in the Triangle — not too small and not too large. These are our future breakouts, big fund-raisers, acquisition targets and (fingers crossed) IPOs."

If you'd like to read more about the criteria of Triangle Tweeners or learn about the other companies that made the list, visit Scot's post at:



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