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LabVoice Featured in HighRes Biosolutions Webinar

Scientific Voice Assistants + Robotic Systems Experts = Simplified Automation

On Wednesday, March 31, LabVoice will join HighRes Biosolutions as part of a virtual event covering their Cellario 3.5 release.

Along with other great companies like Artificial and TetraScience, we’ll demonstrate how voice assistants can help with simplifying automation.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, we’ve integrated with the HighRes scheduling software, Cellario, made possible through Cellario’s simple and flexible integration capabilities.

The bulk of the session will be dedicated to covering the Cellario 3.5 release, including, the tools developers use to integrate software with Cellario, an overview on how Cellario 3.5 allows users to easily manage integrated automation, and the latest features introduced in this release.

Make sure to tune in to catch the LabVoice-Cellario integration demo!

If you’d like to register, you can do so by clicking here or the image, and to learn more about HighRes, visit them at



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