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ICYMI: LabVoice at LRIG's Rapid Fire Lunch Event!

On Tuesday, September 29, LabVoice presented during the LRIG-NE's Rapid Fire Lunch Event focusing on new laboratory technologies.

Click here to visit the LRIG home page and learn about the organization.

Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to participate in the lunch event hosted by the New England Chapter of LRIG, in which we highlighted how LabVoice's scientific voice assistants can replace or further automation many of the manual processes in a highly-automated environment. We recapped how the presence of a hands-free virtual assistant can assist with the elimination of manual data entry, control instruments, and kickstart workflows.

LabVoice was one of four companies participating in the event, joined by Sophion, Hudson Robotics, and Meniscense.

If you're unfamiliar with LRIG and are interested in lab automation, then you should certainly check them out. The Laboratory Research & Innovation Group, or LRIG, is the world's largest duty-free, not-for-profit special interest group focused on laboratory automation. LRIG draws members from a variety of industries, including Biotech & Pharma, Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Materials, Food & Bev, and more. As such, it covers a wide range of topics - with a common theme of automation - from drug discovery to high throughput screening to data management, and many more.

And if you're interested in hearing about how LabVoice can help propel your lab forward in its automation goals, don't hesitate to reach out!



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