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Regeneron's Award Winning Digital Transformation Practices Powered by LabVoice's Digital Lab Assistant

Updated: Apr 29

Bio-IT World recently announced the 2024 Innovative Practices Awards winners, including a team from Regeneron, noting their work with digital lab assistants and impact to vivarium data collection.

Regeneron leveraged digital lab assistants by LabVoice to digitally transform their vivaria

From the press release:

TIDES: Transforming Information with Digital Experimental Solutions: Regeneron scientists partnered with IT engineers to implement a voice-to-text (VTT) solution, LabVoice, to solve an industry-wide challenge—digitizing scientific information in lab environments—and went a step further by creating custom analytics dashboards that provide live, actionable insights based on the data. We began by implementing custom low-code workflows on our scientists’ mobile devices, eliminating the need for memorization and transcription, while standardizing and optimizing our processes for data quality and searchability. As of today, LabVoice has effectively captured more than 174,000 data points, both automated and manual. The data is used to understand the number of new litters, test subject attributes, and natural breeding trends across facilities. Ultimately, our solution has delivered hands-free data capture for our research scientists while providing key insights from the data.

You can read all about the award winners here, and catch the entirety of the presentation from Regeneron at 2:50 pm ET on Monday, April 15, in the Automation, Digital Lab, & Robotics track at Bio-IT World.

If you’re interested in learning how LabVoice can enable digital transformation in your labs and vivaria, reach out to us at!



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