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Future Labs Live US: Come Visit LabVoice!

In just a few weeks, we'll have a virtual booth at the US Future Labs Live virtual event. Make sure to come speak with us!

Along with a number of awesome speakers, we'll have a virtual presence at the Future Labs Live event on November 17 & 18.

At LabVoice, we believe that the digitalization of the lab will be a crucial step towards achieving a Lab of the Future sooner rather than later. The FLL organizers have done an A+ job at bringing together innovators at large scale enterprises, disruptors from newly-founded startups, and a slew of technology providers with really interesting content and in a great, interactive format. It'll be hard to remember what an in-person event was actually like!

Topics will include:

- Connectivity & Collaboration

- AI & ML

- Data & Digitalization

- Automation & Workflow

- Facilities & Real Estate

The best part is, at the moment, the event is free! Register here and make sure to visit our virtual booth when you do.



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