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Digital Laboratory Assistants for Sample Management: Common Inventory Use Cases

A digital laboratory assistant improves the efficiency of sample management processes when connected to inventory records - and not to mention, it makes for a much better user experience.

In the latest video from LabVoice, viewers see some common scenarios of users interacting with inventory software through LabVoice digital assistants.

These use cases include creating a new sample container, updating a sample attribute (in this case, location), and querying sample attributes (location again).

Here, LabVoice is connected to the Inventory module from Dotmatics, an end-to-end data informatics platform with best-in-breed applications, as well as a LabVoice partner!

For more on the role of LabVoice in sample management, check out our new Sample Management showcase with more video examples.

If you’re interested in creating your own digitally-assisted lab environment, reach out to us at for a free assessment!


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