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Case Study: ELN Reagent Weighing

Here’s how LabVoice partnered with a Product Development team to help their scientists save time by voice enabling a weighing process. Prior to LabVoice, scientists would have to repeat a weighing process several times, which we detail under our "Use Cases" landing page.

Once voice assistants were introduced and then integrated with the customer’s ELN and Inventory Management system, LabVoice was able to eliminate manual data entry (and as a byproduct, any manual errors) as well as save scientist time in the lab, so they can run more experiments efficiently:

  • Scientists saved several hours each day by eliminating manual data transcript and entry

  • The quality of data entered into their ELN and Inventory Management system improved as it was automatically captured through LabVoice integrations

  • Important EH&S information relayed immediately 

If you're interested in getting some more details, read more here on our new "Use Cases" page!



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