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Apr/May '22 Review, June '22 Preview

If you're not signed up for our newsletter, here's a quick recap of what you're missing out on!

Frustrated with printing out sample lists? See how digitalization transforms - and speeds up - manual sample searches.

Lab Process Optimization Webinar

Missed out on our recent webinar with Astrix? Click through to see the recording.

New Video from Fraunhofer IPA

Our friends at Fraunhofer IPA recently released a new video, illustrating their Lab of the Future initiatives.

If you're headed to Basel for Future Labs Live, make sure to stop by our booth.

June Preview

  • As mentioned above, we'll be at Future Labs Live in Basel, where LabVoice will be part of the startup spotlight.

  • We've got some new hires! More to come soon.

Interesting Reads

  • Endpoints News has an excellent article on the future of voice tech for pharma companies and their patients.

  • Genedata's blog helps those looking to automate justify the investment.



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