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Announcing Version 3.0 of the LabVoice Mobile App

We here at LabVoice have been working hard on improving the LabVoice mobile app and implementing new features requested by you! With this major release, we have several new features and capabilities.

To get this latest version, go to the application store on your device, search for LabVoice, and click to update. If your device administrator restricts this capability, they may need to do it for you. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at

Multi-User Support

We are happy to announce that the LabVoice app now supports more than one enrolled user at the same time! You will no longer have to “Reset” the app and re-enroll to have more than one person use the same device.

We are releasing Multi-User Support as a beta feature, so please be aware that there may still be some bugs or issues we need to work out. However, we have tested it extensively internally, so feel free to try it out in your lab! When you do, please let us know of any feedback you have, positive or negative!

Previous Version Comparison

Here is a high-level comparison of previous versions and version 3.0 of LabVoice :

Previous Versions

Version 3.0

Number of Users


As many as needed

Change Users

Reset App, have new user enroll

Once enrolled the first time, the user says, "Hey LabVoice"

Logging out of LabVoice

No concept of logging out

Say, "Hey LabVoice, log out"

Tap Microphone to Start LabFlow


Only after the user is authenticated by saying "Hey LabVoice"

Reset the App

Go into Settings and tap "Reset App"

Remove all users from the device

User Settings

Always available by tapping the gear icon

Must authenticate first, then tap the gear icon

Authentication using your voice

Screen capture of how to authenticate as a user in the LabVoice mobile app

Before multi-user, we used the “Hey LabVoice” wake-up phrase to authenticate a user with LabVoice. With multi-user, we do the same, but we have increased the strictness of matching a user’s voice to differentiate between multiple users.

When logged in, you will see your name in the app’s upper-left corner. If you don’t see your name there, you will need to say “Hey LabVoice” to begin.

Adding another user to a device

Screen capture of how to add a user in the LabVoice mobile app

Adding an additional user to a device is very similar to enrolling the first user on a device.

To start, the new user will tap the gear icon to go into settings. They will then will tap the “Add User” button to proceed through the enrollment process as usual:

The user will enter their email address and token that they received in their email. The user will then proceed by saying “Hey LabVoice” four times to enroll.

Removing users from a device

Screen capture of how to remove a user in the LabVoice mobile app

You will see a trash can icon next to each enrolled user’s name in the app settings. Tapping the icon allows you to remove the user from the device.

If the currently authenticated user is deleted, they will be automatically logged out. And if all users are deleted, LabVoice will change to the initial enrollment screen, similar to resetting the app in previous versions.

Improving recognition of your voice

To improve the recognition of a user, they will need first to authenticate and then tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner. On the settings screen, they will see a button to improve recognition.

Logging out of LabVoice

Screen capture of how to logout of the LabVoice mobile app

Since multiple users can now use a device, you may want to log out of LabVoice when you finish your LabFlow. To do this, simply say, “Hey LabVoice, log out.” You can confirm that you have been logged out by seeing that your name is no longer in the app’s upper-left corner. Logging out will also clear the screen of any previous dialogs.

If you forget to log out, don’t worry. Another user can come up to the device and say “Hey LabVoice” to authenticate as themselves. We will also automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Easier Enrollment Token Process

LabVoice administrators can now create enrollment tokens for users before they start the enrollment process. This new process will allow users to get the token in their email before entering the lab or other facility, making enrolling easier for the first time. This, paired with the new multi-user support, will make enrolling with LabVoice easier than ever.

Screen capture of creating a token in the LabVoice AdminUI page

Flexible Security for Voice Authentication

Within LabVoice, you can now adjust how “strict” the app is at recognizing a user when they say “Hey LabVoice.” There is a trade-off with higher security in that your voice authentication will have to be more similar to how you first trained LabVoice to recognize you.

If you require strict security on who can use LabVoice, you can use the new “Higher Security” setting. If you find that LabVoice is having trouble recognizing you, even after trying to “Improve Recognition,” you can lower the security to “Easier Trigger.”

Extended Android Support

With version 3.0, we have extended our support of Android to include the latest versions of AndroidOS and more devices. For a complete list of supported devices, contact our support team at

Improved Wireless Headset Performance

Based on feedback from users using LabVoice in different laboratory environments, we have improved wireless headsets’ performance when using the LabVoice app.

Send Us Your Feedback!

Now that LabVoice 3.0 is “in the books,” we are looking for feedback on what you want to see next in LabVoice! Do you want multi-language support? Or how about integration with your favorite ELN or automation robot? Send your wishlist and any feedback you have on this release to



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